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Who Are We?         

Tree of Life Ministries, Inc. was founded by Tommy and Pat James when they lived in Pensacola, Florida from 1991-2002. At that time they were counselors and teachers serving the body of Christ with the Healing House Network under the direction of Chester and Betsy Kylstra. They have been ordained with the Christian International Apostolic Network since 1991. Tree of Life Ministries, Inc. has been a 501 (3)(C) non-profit organization in the state of North Carolina since 2002.  Tommy and Pat received the baptism of the Holy Spirit in 1975 when they desperately needed more of God in their lives.  In 1980 they moved to Pensacola, Florida, to attend Liberty Bible College and Tommy obtained his Master of Theology degree.  They served as home group leaders and elders in Liberty Church and God began to use them in discipleship and counseling ministry.    Pat has received a Masters of Arts in Human Services Counseling from Regent University, Virginia Beach, Virginia.             

                                               In 1987 they were invited to Morganton, North Carolina, to serve as pastors of Mountain Harvest Church.  In 1991 they were ordained by Christian International Apostolic Network.  Then in 1994 they began ministering as counselors, trainers and seminar leaders in the Restoring the Foundations program with the Healing House Network.

Currently they live in Morganton, North Carolina, where they are called to serve the body of Christ as teachers and counselors.  They have over 30 years of experience in ministry and now disciple, train and equip others. Pat and Tommy have been married 47 years, have two grown daughters and four grandsons.



Tree of Life Ministries, Inc. is affiliated with Christian  International Apostolic Network, a network of non-denominational ministers and churches who understand the importance of oversight and accountability. CIAN was established by Dr. Bill Hamon and is located at Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.  As a CIAN ministry, Tree of Life pursues Biblical excellence in teaching and ministering to the body of Christ.

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